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Vaishvi Stainless Steel 3 Tier Fruit and Vegetables Storage Basket for Kitchen (Silver, Standard)

Vaishvi3SwingFruitVegBasket_PTBD vaishvi
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This Vaishvi Product 3 Tier Fruit Basket Showcase an assortment of fresh produce, snacks, and other household items in a decorative double tier basket stand. Removable Basket - Versatile tiers easily detach into two individual fruit bowls and double as amazing serving pieces - Fit more fruit and veggies in half the space -Great for small kitchens and dining areas, Multi-purpose Stand - Ideal for any room in the house or for seasonal/holiday purposes. Also makes a really perfect gift. 100% Stainless Steel Material. Measures helping to keep your vegetables and fruits fresher longer! The sturdy chrome metal design makes for ideal pantry storage or a beautiful centerpiece on your counter best. fruit bowl 3 level triple hammock design to artfully display your fresh produce. fruit bowl centerpiece Chrome metal construction for sturdiness and sophisticated looks. kitchen storage solution or an eye-catching centerpiece on your counter best. fruit bowls for the counters Bowls can easily be got rid of to make use of as separate serving pieces.