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Details Multi-Purpose product Real coconut aroma Rich in lauric acid & antioxidants Good source for Vitamin E Benefits Natural Moisturizer Strengthens the hair Ideal for Dental Care Zero Trans Fat Healthy Cooking Oil Shelf Life - 18 Months How to use? It is a multipurpose product that is used to strengthen hair, nourish skin & cook healthy food. About the Brand HappyGrove brings to you natural goodness in the form of cold processed virgin coconut oil made from fresh coconut milk by a unique Nutri-Lock Technology. HappyGrove was born inspired by the desire in helping people live a healthy lifestyle by delivering natural goodness in the form of Cold -Processed Virgin Coconut Oil. It is made using the unique Cold-processing technology that use absolutely no heat or chemicals to retain its natural goodness, creating an oil rich in Lauric Acid and Vitamin E. Processed from fresh coconut milk through centrifugal force, it retains all essential nutrients and antioxidants and hence is of superior quality compared to cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. Unlike Cold Pressed oil, there is no heat applied in any of the stages of production of cold processed HappyGrove Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.