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One-stop Online Portal CONNECTING ‘Your’ Store & Products to your Customers

Empowering Sellers by bringing Digital Experience to Traditional Store

FeelKaro.com is a pioneering online platform that is built to support the local markets and promote local shopping, while making them adaptive to the changing demands of digital revolution. Retailers registered with FeelKaro.com can market their products online where you connect your traditional business (brick-and-mortar store) to the online interface of the digital age.

Feelkaro Online Media Private Limited is DIPP Recognized startup in the Startup India Program.


Easy Simple Interface. Easy to use. Timely Assistance.

Harness the power of Omnichannel Shopping with FeelKaro.com. While you build your Selling strategy to get more sales, we support your endeavour by driving business to your store, by expanding your store’s reach BEYOND the neighbourhood. Using FeelKaro is simple, easy and hassle-free. And be assured, our customer support is always ready to assist you.


Organized eCatalogue

Customers can get easy access to your products online 24*7

The organized eCatalogue is a smart way to showcase your products to buyers, who can browse and choose from your listed products at your FeelKaro Online Store. They can book their favourite product online and visit your store later to make a purchase, or request home delivery. You can choose your delivery area, and can charge for delivery by distance or offer them free.


Smart Customized Invoice

Send Digital invoice online to your customer or give a printed one.

Simple and seamless smart customized invoice system that both you and your customers will love. Besides being GST-ready, it helps manage your billing process transparently without any complexity and hassles.


Inventory Management

Track your product stock availability in real-time and manage supplies more effectively.

The smart interface of FeelKaro Seller App automatically updates the product inventory and manages your order list - after every bill generated online or for in-store purchases made in your Seller App.


Promotional Coupon

Your customers love Discounts, we have included promotional coupons for you.

Create and manage coupon codes easily for your Store from the system to attract more customers. This coupon code works smartly with the billing system. All you need to do is implement the coupon code, and the system does the rest for you.


Online Order Management

Accept and Generate Bill, or Cancel an Order with just a click

Customers can book their orders online for in-store purchase or home delivery. You just have to click ‘Accept’ to generate a bill or click ‘Cancel’ to cancel an order. Once done, the system will process the Order effectively without any hassles.


Staff User Accounts

Manage your Team and User accounts efficiently and without any hassles.

Create individual staff user accounts and manage and track them seamlessly. There are no restrictions to the number of users you can have. You can easily customize accounts based on the permission given to them – restricting what they can access and what they cannot.


We have EVERY category you want to sell in. Choose Yours today!

Your customers are waiting on the other side of FeelKaro Online Store interface. List your products and impress them with your awesome service. Stay ahead of competition with FeelKaro Seller App & FeelKaro Marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks of using FeelKaro?

No, there is no risks on using FeeKaro.com because FeelKaro Online Media Private Ltd. is a DIPP recognized startup under the StartUp India program (Government of India). You just have to Register your store{s} with FeelKaro Online platform -> List your product inventory -> Start selling!

How do I create a store in FeelKaro?

Fill up the Seller Registration Form and provide the required details. Your FeelKaro online store will be up Instantly. Contact us for any specific query.

How can I upload products on FeelKaro?

Uploading/adding products to your Product Inventory is simple. Click the ‘Add Product’ button, you will be directed to the Product Details page, where you can fill up Main Category (e.g. Women Fashion), then Sub Category (e.g. Scarves, tees, lingerie, etc.) You can upload Product Image (could be multiple), Product Name, Price, Selling Price etc. Watch the video for more details.

Are there any system-driven method to get maximum reach from my FeelKaro followers?

FeelKaro has introduced the SMS service that allows you to send SMS to your loyal customers and followers. You can send bulk SMS when you want a announce a particular product Offer that can be a weekend offer or a seasonal, festive, clearance sale offer. You can also contact your customers on their birthday and give them a discount deal to visit your store and buy from you.

How can I manage my orders on FeelKaro?

Managing order in FeelKaro Seller App is simple. You have all your orders divided into 4 segments – Pending Store Pickup, Pending Delivery Request, Complete, and Cancelled. You can see the number of Orders placed, the amount payable and you can also Accept or Cancel your Order.

Does FeelKaro Seller App work with mobile or computer?

Yes, FeelKaro Seller App is responsive and can be accessed from your mobile device as well as your computer. Only thing you need is a high-speed internet connection.

What fees do I get charged?

You have 3 packages to choose from: DIAMOND, GOLD and WELCOME. While we recommend businesses with multiple locations and selling products under DIAMOND and GOLD package is a good fit for small business owners selling products. If you want to experience how FeelKaro work and unleash the potential of this powerful omnichannel platform, try the Free (limited version) package. We are sure you will love it.

How do I get paid?

All payments will be made by the buyer to your store outside the FeelKaro platform. After an Invoice is generated by the system to initiate payment and delivery, the customer will pay you for the product they buy at your store. You can showcase the modes of payment (Cash, debit card, credit card, Paytm, etc) you accept on your product page. FeelKaro will NOT TAKE ANY COMMISSION for products sold through the platform. You only pay for the subscription charges per month as per the packages chosen.

Can I add Store with multi-location in FeelKaro?

Yes, you can add multiple location of your stores in FeelKaro and it is available in the DIAMOND & GOLD package. So, choose your package and make Maximum Business with Maximum Reach.

Will you charge payment from my customers?

No, your customers will not be charged any payment for using FeelKaro. Also, ZERO percent commission will be charged from you for any amount of sales made – helping maximize profits.

Multiply your customer base and increase profits multiple times with FeelKaro.com And yes, it is 0% commission on all the sales you make. Sign up Now. Its FREE!